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Learn More About CS’s Oracle Taleo Background Integration

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Leading organizations throughout the world use Oracle Taleo as their talent management platform. As a Gold level member of the Oracle Partner Network, Corporate Screening invites you to learn more about our unique background screening solution that seamlessly integrates with Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service via the Onboarding (Transitions) Cloud module.

Our background solution is customized to meet your organization’s needs, and is the first of its kind solution that initiates background screening at the latter stages of the talent acquisition process. Key features and benefits include:

  • Customized configuration capabilities that better fit your workflow and allow for increased automation,
  • Simplified background screening process for enterprise- level employers, and
  • Faster background screening initiation process, which saves time and speeds up the hiring process.

And by waiting until later in the hiring process to initiate background screening, Corporate Screening’s integration better enables employers to comply with the EEOC’s criminal background guidelines.

For more information about Corporate Screening’s background integration with Oracle Taleo, we invite you to view our Oracle Taleo video. You can also visit us at the OHUG Global Conference 2015, which will be held from June 8-11 in Las Vegas. Or contact one of our account representatives to learn how we can help you integrate your organization’s background screening process with Oracle Taleo.


Ohio “Bans the Box” on State Civil Service Job Applications

A article reports that the criminal history question will be removed from applications for state civil service positions in Ohio beginning on June 1, 2015. While Ohio does not currently have state-wide “ban the box” legislation that extends to all public entities, there is a bill currently pending in the state legislature that would extend the policy to all public employees.

Supporters of “ban the box” policies argue that removing the box gives candidates the opportunity to progress to the interview stage, and from there they are better able to explain any criminal convictions. During interviews, civil service applicants will still be asked to disclose past criminal convictions, and finalists will undergo background screening.

Visit Corporate Screening at the 2015 OHA Annual Meeting


Corporate Screening is pleased to announce that we will be at the Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) Annual Meeting, held June 8-10, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.

The OHA Annual Meeting offers healthcare providers and administrators the opportunity to gain valuable insight about statewide industry trends, as well as network with their peers and achieve a better understanding of healthcare issues and policies affecting their organizations.

We invite you to visit Corporate Screening at booth # 55 during the OHA Annual Meeting to learn more about our background screening products and services and how they can help your organization.

Corporate Screening Enhances Client Support

Corporate Screening is pleased to announce that we have enhanced our Client Support services by rolling out our Support Tracking System. This system was designed so that we can better communicate with customers and resolve requests as rapidly as possible, all while keeping customers informed.

Here is how the Support Tracking System works:

  • Initiate your request by contacting Corporate Screening’s Customer Service department by email or phone:
    Phone: 800-229-8606, option 4
  • Your request will get a ticket number and be assigned to a Client Services team member.
  • You will receive an email containing the ticket number, and the team member name that has been assigned to assist you.
  • If you have any questions or comments regarding your request, you can call Customer Service and reference your ticket number, or you can reply to the email you received earlier.
  • Once your request has been resolved, a final notification will be sent to you.

As a reminder, in order to ensure a speedy response to your questions and issues, Corporate Screening has developed the following resources to assist you:

  • If you have questions about how to use EASE, please visit our Resources Section within EASE to view a demo of the system.
  • If you have a question about pending reports, use our web-based secure client messaging system within EASE. To log in, visit and select “CS EASE Login.”
  • For questions about your account, our industry, billing or metrics, please contact Customer Service. The most efficient way is to email us at, but if you prefer to speak with a live person, you can call us toll free- at 800-229-8606, option 4.
  • In the rare event that an issue needs to be escalated, this will be routed through your Account Manager and/or the Client Services Manager.

In our role as a trusted background screening advisor, Corporate Screening focuses on our clients’ needs, keeping them in the forefront. As such, we strive to provide the best support possible. We are confident that our Support Tracking System will help us to better serve our clients, keeping them advised about the status of their issue, and that in turn, clients will appreciate this new practice.

Going to OHUG in June? Corporate Screening Can Help You Save

Corporate Screening invites you to join us and more than 1,800 others in Las Vegas for the OHUG Global Conference 2015, which will be held from June 8-11, 2015.


This annual conference is a weeklong networking and learning opportunity for anyone working with PeopleSoft, E-Business, Fusion and Taleo products. While the annual conference offers attendees countless opportunities to reconnect with peers and colleagues, the main goal of the meeting is to support our members with a learning experience that is second to none.


OHUG has packed the week with outstanding speakers, valuable training events and one-of-a-kind networking opportunities. Attendees can learn more about the products they use every day and meet face-to-face with Oracle representatives who develop and manage those products. This year’s conference offers more than 150 sessions.


As an upcoming exhibitor at the OHUG 2015 Global Conference, Corporate Screening is able to offer attendees the opportunity to save over $500 on their registration fee. To do so, please visit Corporate Screening’s Upcoming Events page, scroll down to OHUG and complete the form that lets us know that you are planning to attend the conference, and we will send you a promo code you can enter into the “discount code” field when you register.


The value of this experience extends far beyond the conference. Come, change the way you work with and think of your Oracle HCM applications. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

FCRA Class Action Updates: Paramount and Whole Foods

You’ve seen the headlines about the many FCRA-related class action lawsuits brought against a number of large, well-known employers. In today’s blog, Corporate Screening provides some updates on FCRA class action lawsuits brought against Paramount Pictures and Whole Foods.  While each case is unique, the contradictory court decisions highlight the controversy regarding technical violations of the FCRA.  A controversy you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of.


Paramount Pictures

In January, we reported on a lawsuit that alleged Paramount Pictures violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act because the company’s disclosure document was not a stand-alone document. A recent article from the law firm Troutman Sanders reports that the lawsuit was dismissed. The plaintiff claimed that the disclosure form violated the FCRA because it also included the following sentence: “”I certify that the information contained on this Authorization form is true and correct and that my application may be terminated based on any false, omitted, or fraudulent information.”


The judge in this case dismissed the suit on the following rationale; ”the one-sentence certification Paramount included in its disclosure form if not a part of the statutorily permitted authorization, was closely related to it, and would similarly serve to focus the consumer’s attention on the disclosure.”   The spirit of the standalone disclosure requirement in the FCRA is so that consumers are clearly made aware that they may be the subject of a consumer report and their rights and that this notification is not buried amongst other notifications they may be required to review and/or sign. The judge in this case felt the additional information on Paramount’s disclosure may not have technically met the statutory requirement; however, the additional information did not violate the spirit of the rule as it would not distract the consumer from the disclosure.


This is good news for employers, in that, in this instance a technical violation of the FCRA was not enough for a plaintiff to win judgment.


On the other hand…


Whole Foods

Whole Foods‘ motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit against them for violating the FCRA was denied. The plaintiff alleged Whole Foods disclosure form contains a waiver and release of liability, and therefore violates the FCRA. Whole Foods argued that the evidence introduced by the plaintiff indicates that there are two forms – a disclosure and another liability release. The plaintiff claimed the forms should be considered one document because they were read and signed at the same time. In the end, the judge in the case declined to dismiss the lawsuit based on this, and the lawsuit is moving forward


Take Aways – What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

While the Paramount dismissal is encouraging that perhaps technical violations of the FCRA may not be enough for a lawsuit to prevail, as an employer, you likely do not want to leave that up to a judge to decide. You should review your disclosure and authorization forms to ensure they comply with the FCRA. Corporate Screening has made sample forms available to you in the “Hints & Resources” section in EASE.

Update: LinkedIn Avoids FCRA Class Action Lawsuit


In October, a class action lawsuit was filed against LinkedIn, claiming the company acted as a credit reporting agency by providing premium users (potential employers) with “Trusted Reference” reports. The plaintiffs alleged that LinkedIn violated the FCRA because it did not get consent from consumers for the report, nor did it allow consumers to dispute the information contained in the reports, therefore violating the FCRA.

According to Courthouse News Service, earlier this week LinkedIn motioned for the case to be dismissed because the reports did not meet the definition of a credit report. The judge in this case sided with LinkedIn, but allowed the plaintiffs to amend the complaint, giving them a deadline of May 19 to do so.

This case is unique compared to other FCRA class action lawsuits that we have reported on, since LinkedIn is not a consumer reporting agency (CRA). Most of the FCRA class action lawsuits we have seen have concentrated on employers who are not following adverse action procedures and/or use disclosure forms that plaintiffs claim violate the FCRA because they are not stand alone documents, although some have included complaints against CRAs.

It remains to be seen whether or not the plaintiffs choose to amend their complaint against LinkedIn. Should that happen, Corporate Screening will keep you updated.

Check Out Our Newest Video!

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Corporate Screening invites you to check out our latest video, which showcases our organization and what we do. Featuring our CEO, Dennis Drellishak, and President Greg Dubecky, Corporate Screening Overview shares information about the history of our company and the background screening industry, plus much more.

And while you’re at it, make sure you check our our growing video library, housed on our video page (located under Resources).

Visit Corporate Screening at the Tri-State Conference April 29-May 1


Attention everyone attending the 2015 Tri-State Conference, from April 29 to May 1 at the Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort at Grand Dunes!

NCHHRA, SCHHRA and VaSHHRA have teamed up to present this year’s conference, Strategic Leaders for healthcare’s Future Leading the Wave of Change. This event promises to be an excellent opportunity to network as well as gain continuing education credits.

Corporate Screening invites all NCHHRA, SCHHRA and VaSHHRA members to visit us at the show. As a leading background screening provider to some of the nation’s top employers, we deliver strategic solutions. Whatever your screening needs, our customized programs can help your organization mitigate risk and make informed hiring decisions. Stop by booth 46 to find out how Corporate Screening can assist you!

Food Lion Parent Company Settles FCRA Lawsuit for $3 Million

The parent company of Food Lion has recently joined the ranks of companies paying large dollar amounts to settle a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) class action lawsuit. On March 2, 2015, a preliminary motion was filed by the plaintiffs in Brown v. Delhaize America, LLC, (the parent company of Food Lion) in which the plaintiff’s attorneys are seeking the court’s approval of a $3 million FCRA class action settlement.

At the root of the lawsuit were the company’s disclosure forms and its adverse action procedures. As we have seen in many of these cases, the plaintiff claimed the defendants’ disclosure form violated the FCRA because it was not a stand-alone document. The plaintiff also claimed that the defendants “frequently took adverse employment action against their employees based on their background checks without providing those employees with a pre-adverse action notice required by the FCRA.”

This is another reminder to employers to review their disclosure forms and their adverse action procedures to make sure everything complies with the FCRA, as well as another state and local laws. Corporate Screening offers compliance services and products that can assist, including our Screening Assessment Program (SPA) and our Adverse Action Workflow Tool. For more information visit Compliance Services on our website,