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Effective January 1, 2008, the state of New York will restrict the use of Social Security numbers by businesses, including hospitals.
The New York State Social Security Number Protection Law applies to all nongovernmental associations and corporations and prohibits the following:

  • Communicating a Social Security number to the general public.
  • Printing a Social Security number on cards or tags used to access products or services.
  • Requiring individuals to transmit Social Security numbers over unencrypted internet connections.
  • Requiring individuals to furnish Social Security numbers for access to internet web sites.
  • Printing Social Security numbers on mailed materials unless required by law.
  • Printing Social Security numbers on any mailing that is visible without opening the envelope.
  • The law doesn’t prevent the collection, use, or release of a Social Security number as required by state and federal law, and allows the numbers to be used for internal verification, fraud investigation and administrative purposes.

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