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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter recently signed an ordinance to prohibit employers in the city from inquiring about or requiring an applicant to disclose information about their criminal history during both the application process and the initial interview.  Once an interview – either in person or by telephone – has been conducted, the employer can then legally request information about criminal convictions.

The legislation’s purpose is to “give the individual with a criminal record an opportunity to be judged on his or her own merit during the submission of the application and at least until the completion of an interview.” The ordinance applies to city agencies and private employers of 10 or more people in the City of Philadelphia.

It is recommended that employers within the city of Philadelphia or with employees who work in that city review their current applications. If these include any questions about criminal convictions, evaluate with your legal counsel whether these should be removed. There are some positions that will still have a legal requirement to ask this question.   

Employers in Philadelphia who wish to inquire about criminal convictions will need to develop a criminal conviction inquiry form (focusing only on convictions) to give to applicants who have completed their first interview and to whom they wish to extend either a second interview or a job offer.

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