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(8/16/2011) Corporate Screening has self-certified compliance with the US – EU Safe Harbor framework from the United States Department of Commerce, which signifies that Corporate Screening’s international background screening services are in compliance with the data protection principles set forth by the European Union.

“Our Safe Harbor Recertification ensures that we can continue to serve as a provider of global background screening products for our clients by delivering access to background information on European job candidates,” said Greg Dubecky, president of Corporate Screening. “We are committed to the highest standards in protecting the data that we gather, research and analyze on behalf of our clients. As such, we are well-positioned to serve those who seek to employ talent from the diverse international candidate pool.”

The United States Department of Commerce and the European Commission developed the Safe Harbor framework in order to allow for the safe transfer of personal data from European countries to the United States. Safe Harbor bridges the gap between the different approaches to privacy adopted by the European Union and the United States.

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Based in Cleveland, Corporate Screening provides pre-employment screening and background investigations. As a leading investigative consultant to human resources and corporate security professionals, Corporate Screening combines state-of-the-art data gathering technology with in-depth analysis to verify information and mitigate the risks associated with hiring. Corporate Screening’s professional staff of more than 70 analysts and consultants assists hiring professionals representing a full spectrum of industries with special emphasis on healthcare, financial services and manufacturing sectors.