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Cleveland has joined about 30 other cities and counties in what’s become known as the ‘ban the box’ movement, a reference to the check box on government job application forms for disclosing felony convictions. The city is eliminating a question on their government job application about felony records. According to Mayor Frank Jackson, he does not want to punish ex-convicts unnecessarily for their past mistakes.

Regardless, the city will continue to administer background investigations on job finalists and analyze the results before determining whether to extend a job offer for certain positions if there is evidence of a criminal past. The change took effect on September 14th, but the announcement regarding the policy change was not made until this week.

Corporate Screening advises that it is a sound practice to reduce barriers in the job application process for those individuals who may have a criminal background; however, keep in mind that employers should be forthcoming about the types of offenses that will preclude candidates from advancing in the job application process. Likewise, candidates need to be upfront about their criminal history as well.
We are actively monitoring the ‘ban the box’ movement and will keep you abreast of any developments in this matter.

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