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A recent memo issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Homeland Security Investigation Agents and field offices concerning recommended evaluation of electronically generated and stored I-9 records during an audit, as well as minimum standards for electronic I-9 audit trail requirements for use in contemplating civil fines.

Based on the guidance, Corporate Screening’s partner, Form I-9, will generate the audit logs for its electronically generated I-9 Forms in the same template format as outlined in the memo. Customers will continue to have the most compliant I-9 Forms possible, and the forms help clients demonstrate “good-faith effort” to comply with the latest DHS recommendations.

The only difference some I-9 users may notice as a result of this is a new “User Info” popup that will be launched on February 15, 2013. This popup will gather the identity of the person entering the data on the electronic I-9 form at various points in the process. The popup will only be displayed in the following scenarios:

• When Section 1 data is entered on a new or pending Form I-9,
• When a custom Section 1 landing page is accessed,
• When a Section 1 workstation page is accessed, and
• When a remote Section 1 or Full I-9 invitation is accessed.

If you would like to view a demonstration of the popup, click on the following link:

Corporate Screening will continue to provide you with the latest in I-9 compliance information.