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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OHIO (FEBRUARY 13, 2013) Corporate Screening Services, Inc. (CS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new product, CS HealthSweep. Customized by state, this unique tool was developed to assist healthcare employers by conducting a simultaneous primary source search of multiple disciplinary action/sanction databases.

“States track disciplinary actions and other sanctions through many different agencies and associations. Our experience has shown that this can make it a cumbersome process for healthcare employers to conduct a reasonable and legally compliant search effort,” said Greg Dubecky, President of Corporate Screening. “We developed CS HealthSweep to save healthcare employers time and administrative hassle. The product is tailored to each state’s requirements, and offers employers the most efficient and accurate search methods available.”

CS HealthSweep (Ohio) is the first of the suite of CS HealthSweep products. New rules and regulations stemming from Ohio HB 487, which was enacted on January 1, 2013, require administrators of home- and community-based programs to check specific databases when hiring or conducting employee background searches. CS HealthSweep (Ohio) swiftly searches the required databases, then the results are verified for accuracy and compiled into a background report.

“CS HealthSweep (Ohio), like all of the CS HealthSweep products, is able to quickly handle large, multi-list names,” continued Dubecky. “Used in conjunction with fingerprinting, it’s a turnkey solution for administrators of home- and community-based programs.”

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