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Earlier this spring, USCIS introduced a new version of the Form I-9. On May 1, 2013, Corporate Screening’s partner, Form I-9 Compliance, will go live with the new electronic version of the I-9 Form.

While completing the form will be the same, there are some changes you will notice. These changes include:

• Six (6) pages of instructions
• Section 1 is now on one page of the I-9 Form
• Four new fields in Section 1 include:
–Email address (optional),
–Telephone number (optional),
–Foreign passport number (this only applies to employees who select “Alien authorized to work”)
–Country of issuance (this only applies to employees who select “Alien authorized to work”)
• Sections 2 and 3 are on a separate page of the I-9 Form
–There is an Employee name field at the top of Section 2
–The “first day of employment” field is now more prominently displayed in Section 2
• List A now has three (3) full document sections (the I-9 will let you know when/if they are needed)
• New expiration and revision dates on this version of the I-9 Form

Please note: the new I-9 Form goes live at 12:01 EST on May 1, 2013. Any pending I-9 Forms or Section 1s on the current I-9 Form version will no longer be able to be completed. So please ensure that any pending I-9s or Section 1s are completed before this time. If they are not completed, you will need to create a new record on the new version of the I-9 Form.

Click here to check out a video demonstrating the new feature of the I-9 Form. Corporate Screening will continue to provide you with any additional information about the new I-9 Form, if necessary.