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A $2.1 million federal grant, plus an additional $700,000 in state funds will help Ohio strengthen criminal background checks for home healthcare workers who provide direct care to disabled and elderly people. The federal grant money is from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and will be used to increase reviews for healthcare providers working with patients in Medicaid- and Medicare-funded settings.

The money will be used to extend the use of the Ohio Attorney General’s fingerprint database (known as Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database Information Exchange, or RAPBACK) to direct-care providers, and will serve to improve safety for people who receive Medicaid services at home or in a community-based setting. The AG’s office will be able to immediately notify employers of a worker’s arrest or conviction, as the system monitors and reports post-hiring convictions in real time.

This is another step taken by the state of Ohio to improve background screening for in-home service providers. In January, Corporate Screening informed you of new requirements enacted by the state that standardized background checks for home healthcare workers, as well as a new provision that requires post-hire background checks every five years. For more details on these changes, read our Client Alert or our Winter 2013 newsletter.

As of the time of writing, no date for enacting the new background provision has been determined, but Corporate Screening will continue to monitor events and update you with the timely information you have come to expect from us.