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Earlier this week, Corporate Screening informed you of a couple of changes to the electronic Form I-9 that our partner, Form I-9 Compliance, was releasing. In addition to those changes, there have been a couple of extra enhancements added. All of the changes (including the ones we told you of earlier) have been released and are listed below:

For Citizens, the List A document type drop down window will now separate ‘US Passport or US Passport Card’ into two separate document type options. Simply select the document type the new hire provides to complete Section 2.

For Lawful Permanent Residents that provide a List A Document of ‘I-551 (Alien Registration Receipt Card)’ or ‘I-551 (Permanent Res Card),’ there will now be a checkbox to indicate if the document does not have an expiration date, otherwise the document expiration date will now be required.

If your location has any E-Verify records that have been pending for over 30 days, a temporary callout window will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when you login. DHS has been increasing their scrutiny of employers with E-Verify cases that have not been resolved and this will help remind users to follow up on these cases in order to help improve their overall E-Verify compliance.

The Super User tool has been simplified to show ALL records for specified employees, so you no longer have to search multiple times to find all record types for an employee. One search presents all the records.

To view a demo of these changes provided by Form I-9 Compliance, click on or copy the following URL into your browser: