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Our partner, Form I-9 Compliance, is enhancing E-Verify. The newly released upgrades and changes improve the look and feel of the website, streamline processes and help employers achieve the greatest compliance possible with Form I-9 and E-Verify regulations. So what has changed?

I-9 Form Instructions: Improved instructions for completing each field of the I-9. The changes error-detect each field of the form on-the-fly instead of waiting until the end of the process, instant document samples specific to the document(s) selected in List A, B and/or C, faster load times for the drop down menus, and a streamlined e-signature process with fewer steps.

A New Compliance Dashboard: Helps users better manage the I-9 and E-Verify process. A new dynamic dashboard only shows elements that are applicable to your organization, and key management elements are shown for I-9 and E-Verify records and allow the user to view the specific records in each category.

E-Verify Version 25.2: Users will notice the following changes on this new version of E-Verify (please note that the changes only impact E-Verify, not the electronic Form I-9. Additionally, only the Tentative Non Conformation (TNC) process is impacted).
• The SSA and DHS TNC Notice and Referral Letters have been replaced with a Further Action Notice (FAN).
• The new Further Action Notice provides employees with the Tentative Non Confirmation (TNC) notification and the information the employee needs to contest the TNC.
• A new one page Referral Date Confirmation (RDC) letter provides the employee with the date by which they must visit the Social Security Administration (SSA) or contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Browser Compatibility: In order to ensure the best user experience possible, Form I-9 Compliance recommends using one of the following web browsers:
• Internet Explorer 8 and newer (IE 11 is recommended)
• Google Chrome 31 and newer (Chrome 32.0.1700.107 is recommended)
• Mozilla Firefox 26 and newer
• Safari 6 and newer

Presentations and Demo Videos
The links below are resources available for users to view the enhancements made by Form I-9 Compliance.

Form I-9 Compliance E-Verify Version 25 Presentation (downloadable version):

The Compliance Dashboard:

Employment Authorized Process:

Photo Match Process:

Further Action Notice Process: