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Ten states have enacted “ban the box” laws, and over 50 cities and counties have also removed the criminal history check box from their applications. And the number continues to grow. Last week, Corporate Screening published a blog about the latest changes to San Francisco’s “ban the box” legislation. With the new changes, San Francisco’s regulations for employers who use criminal background checks are some of the toughest in the country.

Even companies are joining the “ban the box” movement. In November 2013, Target Corporation decided to remove the box from its applications nationwide. Newly enacted legislation in Minnesota required that the company revise its applications, and company executives made the decision to use the amended application nationwide, saying that “it made sense to craft a uniform and consistent process nationwide.”

In our blogs on this subject, we have predicted repeatedly about the growth of new “ban the box” regulations. To date in 2014, new legislation has been passed (i.e. San Francisco) and new bills are pending at the state level, i.e. Delaware. Additionally, some locales that already have legislation in place are adding new rules- generally ones that affect private employers. For a complete listing of “ban the box” legislation, we encourage you visit the National Employment Law Project ( The site contains frequently updated information about states, cities and counties that have “banned the box.”

As Corporate Screening learns about additional “ban the box” legislation, this information is often shared on our blog. We invite you to visit our blog site,, regularly. Not only to learn more about “ban the box” initiatives, but also to keep abreast of other current background screening news.