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Please be aware of the following delays occurring at Contra Costa and San Louis Obispo courts in California.

Contra Costa County Delays
As you may be aware from information in previous client alerts, there is no public criminal index in Contra Costa County, and the court directly performs all criminal indexing in the county. Search requests are submitted to court clerks and researchers check back in person daily until they are completed.

These delays are primarily due to California’s budget cuts, which have resulted in scheduling cut backs, personnel reductions, court closures and consolidations. Currently the clerks are working on searches submitted on September 2, 2014.

San Luis Obispo Delays
All San Luis Obispo searches are done by the clerks, with no public index. No rushes are accepted, and there is a minimum turnaround of five (5) days for basic results. At this time, searches from August 29, 2014 are still pending.

Please note that researchers check with both courts daily regarding the status of these searches. Corporate Screening will continue to monitor activities at both courts, and will provide you with additional information as it becomes available.