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Please be advised that there continue to be delays at Contra Costa Courts in California.

These delays are caused by the court and are primarily attributed to understaffing on the part of the court. As indicated in our previous notification, Contra Costa County does not offer direct access to their public record index, therefore all requests must be submitted to and processed by a clerk at the court.

According to the Court Information Administrator, Mimi Lyster, the court must prioritize documenting of pending cases. Public Record Search requests are processed secondarily to that work.

To date, the clerks are working on lists that were dropped off on September 19, 2014. Unfortunately, the court has no estimate of when they may begin to regularly check searches in a timely manner.

If you would like to contact Ms. Lyster to make your concerns about the delays known, the contact information is as follows:

Mimi Lyster
Court information Administrator
Phone: (925) 957-5663

We apologize for the inconvenience these delays are causing you and will continue to update you with information as we receive it.