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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OHIO (December 3, 2014) Corporate Screening Services, Inc. (CS), is pleased to announce the launch of its updated Adverse Action Workflow Tool. Developed to assist employers with their compliance efforts, the updated tool will help them maintain compliance with FCRA adverse action procedures.

“With the recent proliferation of FCRA class action lawsuits that have targeted adverse action procedures, this product is a valuable tool for employers who want to mitigate risk and liability,” said Greg Dubecky, President of Corporate Screening. “Class action lawsuits are expensive to defend against, and with hefty settlements – some for millions of dollars. A recent $4 million settlement by Dollar General for violating FCRA adverse action procedures is evidence of how costly this type of litigation can be.”

With thoughtfully designed features, Corporate Screening’s Adverse Action Workflow Tool streamlines the process for employers. Customizable pre-adverse and adverse action letters are quickly generated, and all required documents and state-specific forms are also included. Notices tell employers when the next step in the process can take place, and all actions are date and time stamped, providing an auditable record.

“Corporate Screening’s Adverse Action Workflow Tool adheres to industry best practices, and assists employers in their compliance with federal and state laws and regulations,” added Dubecky. “Employers will also appreciate the flexibility of the product. Available as either a self-service option or a full-service one, it lets them select the choice that best suits their business needs.”

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