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Middleburg Heights, OH (February 2, 2014) Corporate Screening is pleased to announce that we have enhanced the archived search function in EASE, our client interface system. Previously, when searching for a case older than two years, you could only use the candidate’s Social Security Number to locate the case. With the improved search function, you will now be able to:


  • Search for cases using either name, Social Security Number, or Case ID,
  • Search by date range (note, if you do not enter a value into the “For” field, it will return all cases within that range), and
  • Sort results by specific fields such close date, name, representative, location, etc.


The enhanced search function provides you with limitless options when you search your archived cases. For example, if you want to see every background completed on a candidate with the last name of Jones in 2012, you can conduct that type of search.


We invite you to check out the new archived search function today! For more information about EASE and Corporate Screening’s background products and services, call 800-229-8606 or click here.