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Recently delays of criminal searches in West Virginia have occurred as the result of the state implementing a new court system. This process has taken longer than anticipated and has resulted in some unexpected issues that have led to slower turnaround times for information, thus the delays.

Currently, the new system has been only been implemented in approximately 2/3 of the 53 counties in the state, and the implementation process has been slower than originally anticipated. Additionally, as each county transitions onto the new system, not all of the information is immediately added. Therefore, researchers are required to use both the old and new systems to complete one search, adding to slower turnaround times.

Another factor in the delays is the removal of date of birth information from the old system a few weeks ago. As a result, researchers have to rely on clerks to confirm cases, which also adds to delay time.

Once the new system is in place, it is expected to decrease turnaround time, as less clerk assistance will be required. In the meantime, Corporate Screening and its researchers are doing everything possible to complete searches as quickly as possible. We apologize for delays and appreciate your patience during this time.