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Please note that the potential government shutdown may affect the E-Verify program. If Congress does not pass a continuing budget resolution, there will be no funding for E-Verify, which means it would shut down.

In the meantime, customers using E-Verify should continue to complete the electronic I-9 Form and submit E-Verify as usual. If E-Verify shuts down due to lack of funding, a pop up message will appear to inform the user of the status. Once the E-Verify program is once again funded, clients will go back to the electronic I-9 and submit E-Verify cases. Corporate Screening’s partner, Form I-9 Compliance, will be available to assist in situations with large volume hiring by batch processing E-Verify if a shutdown occurs.

Corporate Screening and our partner, Form I-9 Compliance, will continue to update you with information to keep you fully informed of the status of E-Verify.