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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OHIO (November 30, 2015) Corporate Screening Services, Inc. (CS), a leading provider of pre-employment and student background screening services, is pleased to announce that our electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify service is now integrated with EASE, the company’s advanced reporting and background management platform. With one simple log-in, customers can manage their backgrounds, Form I-9s and E-Verify all within the same platform.

“Working together with our partner, Form I-9 Compliance LLC, this integration was designed to create a seamless product that saves clients time and speeds up the process, since they are able to access their backgrounds, Form I-9 and E-Verify all from the same platform,” remarked Tom Turner, National Accounts Manager. “It’s an intuitive platform that users will find easy to use, with a status log that displays progress, as well as icons that indicate the case status at a glance.”

The Form I-9 and E-Verify integration makes it easy for employers to order I-9s at the point that works best in their hiring process. They can order them at the same time as the background, wait until the background is complete, or even order it while the background is being completed, continually moving the onboarding process ahead. The integration also assists with compliance, with its status log that includes time and date stamps for each action as it takes place.

The integration contains all of the features and benefits of electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify that customers have come to expect, including an easy to use form that detects and eliminates errors, electronic storage that is organized and searchable, as well as alerts that inform employers when documents are going to expire.

“Corporate Screening is proud to add this Form I-9 and E-Verification integration with EASE to our family of integrations,” added Greg Dubecky, President of Corporate Screening. “Together with Form I-9 Compliance, we’ve constructed a first-rate solution, making the process even better and easier, and offering a customer experience that is second to no other.”

About Corporate Screening

Corporate Screening ( is a Cleveland-based provider of pre-employment screening and background check investigations for many of the nation’s top employers and schools. As a leading consultant to human resources and corporate security professionals, Corporate Screening combines state-of-the-art data gathering technology with in-depth examination and analysis to verify information and mitigate the risks associated with hiring employees. Corporate Screening’s professional staff of analysts and consultants serves the needs of hiring professionals representing a full spectrum of industries, with special emphasis on healthcare, financial services and manufacturing sectors.