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Corporate Screening offers clients a center of information that can help them when they have questions or need assistance. The EASE Resources Center can be accessed after you log onto EASE, and now contains additional helpful materials that include product descriptions and “ban the box” information.

Product Descriptions – These descriptions provide detailed information on all products offered by Corporate Screening. For easy reference and to learn more about what Corporate Screening offers, how searches/verifications are conducted, and what kind of information you can expect to see, log into your CS EASE account and click on the link for Hints & Resource Material on the homepage.

“Ban the Box” Information – Also housed in the Hints & Resource Material section is general information regarding “ban the box” legislation (eliminating the criminal history question from job applications) throughout the United States. The document provides a brief overview of ban-the-box laws that may effect you as an employer, depending on where you are located. As new laws are passed, this document will be updated.

For detailed information regarding ban-the-box laws in your area, or if you have any questions or would like more information about product descriptions, please contact your Account Representative.