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Corporate Screening is pleased to announce its partnership with myClinicalExchange, a leader in centralized clinical placement technologies for hospitals, educational institutions, consortiums and students.

VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening provides reliable and secure student background checks, immunization tracking, and paperless self-scheduled drug screening. With a flexible approach to support scheduling, compliance tracking and reporting for all health care disciplines, myClinicalExchange will now seamlessly integrate the health and safety requirements from Corporate Screening’s VerifyStudents platform into its cloud-based solution.

“With top-notch technology and our common approach to customized solutions, myClinicalExchange is an ideal partner,” said Matt Jaye, Corporate Screening’s Vice President of Sales. “This integration brings important information together into a single platform and gives administrators the ability to easily manage student clinical site experiences and requirements, while reducing administrative hours spent on what can be a tedious process.”

Shanti Gangadharan, Vice President of Business Development of myClinicalExchange stated “We are very excited to work with Corporate Screening. This collaboration will support our academic partners as well as students in ensuring access to their compliance data to be efficient and accurate. We are excited over our strategic partnership which strengthens both of us to be a one-stop shop for all our clients. Corporate Screening has been a very cooperative partner in developing this relationship and we look forward to many years of teamwork.”

About Corporate Screening
Corporate Screening is a Cleveland-based provider to pre-employment and student screening services for many of the nation’s top employers and schools. As a leading consultant to human resources, corporate security professionals, and program managers, Corporate Screening combines state-of-the-art data gathering technology with in-depth examination and analysis to verify information and mitigate the risks associated with hiring employees and students. Corporate Screening’s professional staff of analysts and consultants serves the needs of hiring professionals representing a full spectrum of industries, with special emphasis on healthcare, education, financial services and manufacturing sectors.

About myClinicalExchange
myClinicalExchange is an innovative platform specifically geared for centralizing clinical placement by leveraging web-based cloud technologies. This platform can be adopted by individual hospitals, educational institutions, consortiums, workforce development and other organizations that place healthcare students in a clinical setting. The open–platform concept allows hospitals and universities to work with any of their affiliated partners, their students and their preceptors in an organized and streamlined fashion. Understanding program needs and challenges, myClinicalExchange has a custom-tailored approach to meet the needs and specifications for its clients. Learn more about myClinicalExchange.