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In our efforts to contribute to your success through shared knowledge, Corporate Screening regularly collaborates with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) experts at an industry-leading law firm to review our sample Disclosure and Authorization Forms.

We are pleased to announce the latest forms are now available for Corporate Screening customers through the EASE Resource Center.

Why is this important? Many lawsuits and class-action suits brought under the FCRA are centered around these forms, especially the Disclosure form. As a result, the forms evolve over time based on case precedent and trends in class-action lawsuits and settlements. These settlements that can reach millions of dollars.

Per the FCRA, you (the end-user/employer) are responsible for the content on the forms. Employers are the target of FCRA lawsuits and large class-action settlements.

Updated Sample Forms are available for customers to download in the Resource Center.  

We encourage you to review these forms with your legal counsel and make any necessary changes, including the forms housed in your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Corporate Screening also offers its customers an electronic disclosure and authorization solution. This E-Disclosure and Authorization feature assists employers with meeting their requirements under FCRA. To learn more about this solution, please contact us 800-229-8606, option 4. You can also fill out the support request form.