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Our annual theme is tied to a unique Corporate Screening core value every year and guides our daily work.



2020 Annual Theme

Character Over Compromise

Every year, Corporate Screening introduces a new annual theme designed to serve as a guide through our daily work. It’s intended to be a simple reminder of the values, purpose, mission, and vision that unites our team. 

Aligned with our company’s five values: Accuracy, Integrity, Trust, Value, and Knowledge – our annual theme fosters the personal, professional and organizational growth we strive for each day. This year’s theme was selected by the Corporate Screening leadership team and reflects one of the five values.

For 2020, our leadership team selected “Character Over Compromise” as the theme that best represents the CS value of “Integrity.”  In 2020, Corporate Screening launched a refreshed brand and message, a tangible product of our company-wide strategy. Moving forward, it’s critical to remain whole and undivided, the very definition of “Integrity.” It is what allows us to acknowledge our mistakes and aim to be better. Integrity is integral to our success and goal to become better people, better professionals and a better company.     

Whole and Undivided
As our company evolves, we will remain united in our values, purpose, mission and vision. But we'll also aim to bring success to the whole person, both professionally and personally.
Staying True
We will rely on our integrity to stay true to our character and fight for what's right. Asking questions. Elevating the conversation. Aiming to be better.
Work with Purpose
The spirit of servant leadership—for our customers, our colleagues and each other—is vital to our success. Integrity drives our daily interactions and brings purpose to our roles.


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Corporate Screening was founded in 1987 as an investigative firm. Over the past three decades, the company has evolved its offering into a comprehensive background check solution, emphasizing both innovative technology and uncompromising human effort. 

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