Background checks are critical to the hiring process for any industry, because they help organizations manage hiring risk and build a safer workplace. In the healthcare industry, where employees care for ill and vulnerable patients, making a risky hire can mean the difference between life and death. As a result, high-quality and accurate background checks are absolutely essential to healthcare recruitment and talent management. 

Corporate Screening is proud of the many relationships we’ve maintained with healthcare clients for more than a decade, and some for considerably longer. As a trusted partner of employers in the healthcare industry, we understand the unique screening needs of hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations. In fact, we have recently been awarded a group purchasing agreement for employment background screening services with Premier, Inc. This agreement adds a deep level of screening service and support to Premier’s alliance of approximately 4,100 U.S. hospitals and health systems and more than 200,000 other providers and organizations. 

Here are 10 reasons healthcare employers partner with us for reliable, quality background screening products and services.

1. High-Touch Service and Support

Every day, we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled service and innovative solutions. Working with Corporate Screening isn’t just about entering candidate information into an online portal. In addition to in-platform direct messaging services, we provide dedicated resources to guide you through the background check process and maintain the quality of your overall screening program. 

Our healthcare clients can connect with us via the following dedicated support channels:

  • Case management: A dedicated screening analyst is available to answer questions and confirm details of specific background check reports.
  • Customer support: U.S.-based support representatives provide online and phone support for technical, account, or compliance inquiries.
  • Account management: A dedicated customer success manager coordinates user training and program administration, conducts quarterly reviews of your program, and works with you to implement best practices and improvements.

2. Screening Accuracy

Accuracy in background screening requires going beyond the basics; it must be built on a solid foundation of accuracy and truth. We demonstrate our commitment to accuracy with the following screening services and actions:

  • Identity verifications: A thorough SSN trace helps to confirm candidate identity, so you know you’re checking on the right person.
  • Court records research: We conduct additional research at the court level when we need to confirm results obtained from a database search
  • Accuracy rate metrics: Our quality assurance team sets benchmarks for the accuracy of the background information we gather. We also measure quality by tracking the efficiency of our data collection procedures and how well they help us deliver quality background data reports.

3. Automation Combined with Expert Analysis

Our screening technology offers best-in-class capability to automate screening activities and limit costly, manual workflows. Through features such as applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations, paperless drug screening, and processes for e-disclosure and authorization, we help healthcare employers, HR teams, and candidates easily initiate background checks and get results with industry-leading turnaround times. 

To give our clients enhanced value, we deepen the impact of our technology through a process we call AI2. We combine expert analysis with automation and AI technology to create truly actionable information in background screening reports. 

Use this "RFP Evaluation Scorecard” to create a winning RFP process for  background screening providers >>

4. High Compliance Standards

In addition to the compliance requirements applicable to all employers, such as Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) background check rules, “ban the box” laws, and pay equity laws, the healthcare industry must comply with industry-specific requirements for background screening. For example, healthcare employers must also follow requirements established by the following agencies and organizations: 

  • US Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Joint Commission
  • State-specific requirements

Our commitment to compliance is demonstrated in our deep knowledge of the screening requirements specific to the healthcare industry, as well as the internal processes we employ to maintain the highest compliance standards. Furthermore, we provide guidance, insights, and best practices to help healthcare employers close compliance gaps and manage ongoing risks as federal and state laws evolve.

5. Insights to Improve Your Screening Program

We understand that the overall health of your background screening program is essential for managing hiring risk and protecting patients. We work with healthcare clients to conduct periodic program reviews, which provide opportunities to take the following actions: 

  • Identify risks and prioritize plans for addressing them
  • Check to see if your current internal processes remain in compliance with changing or new regulations
  • Offer ideas for improving existing processes and taking advantage of new advancements in screening technology

6. Continuous Workforce Monitoring

In addition to helping healthcare employers complete the pre-hire background check process, we provide solutions for meeting Office of Inspector General (OIG) requirements for consistent workforce screening. Our continuous monitoring solution, CS SafeGuard, provides ongoing updates about license sanctions, debarments, or employment exclusions within your workforce. As a result, you can stay more informed about your workforce and take faster action when issues arise.

7. Commitment to the Candidate Experience

We recognize the role of a background screening provider in helping candidates get the information and resources they need for a smooth and fuss-free background checking process. Through tools such as e-disclosure and authorization and paperless drug screening, we help you keep the hiring process moving, so your candidates don’t have to send paper forms back and forth through email. 

In addition, the seamless integration of our background screening technology with your ATS spares candidates from having to enter the same information multiple times.

8. Customized Screening Solutions

To meet the screening needs of many kinds of healthcare organizations and the different position types within them, we offer customized solutions to screen any combination of staff members, including clinical and administrative support staff, interns, volunteers, and students on rotation. You can also use our customizable background screening technology to order, review, and manage background check reports in alignment with your existing talent management processes.

We work with you to conduct high-quality healthcare background checks with all the core components

  • Criminal records check
  • SSN trace
  • Sanctions check
  • Educational and employment verification
  • License verifications 

In addition, we can customize searches for more targeted screening. For example, you can set parameters for which candidate licenses you want to check (all licenses or just those relevant to the position a candidate is applying for). You can also expand criminal record searches to include sex offender registry searches 

9. A Proven Verification Process

Many screening companies follow the industry standard of three contact attempts when conducting employment and education verifications. But we don’t stop there, even if it takes four, five, or more attempts. Our multi-step verification process uses several contact methods, with date and time-stamped contact attempts, so you know exactly where a candidate’s verifications stand.

10. Industry-Specific Expertise

Our experience offering screening products and services to the healthcare industry runs deep. We’ve developed proven processes to uncover actionable background screening data in the following areas:

  • Criminal background search: We deliver background information to keep you informed about candidates and employees convicted of crimes making them ineligible for healthcare employment.
  • Driving records: We check records for employees who transport patients and provide details about motor vehicle records, accidents, and other driver misconduct.
  • Healthcare sanctions and exclusions: We scan a range of sanction and exclusion lists to identify individuals barred from healthcare employment, including the OIG List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE), System for Award Management (SAM), and state-specific registries and global lists.
  • Medical license status: We continuously monitor license expirations, revocations, and medical board actions, so you can take timely action.

Select the Right Background Screening Partner

Over the years, we’ve learned what it takes to help healthcare organizations screen prospective and existing employees at the highest efficiency and compliance standards. Besides offering a range of industry-specific products and services, we partner with you to identify opportunities for improving your background screening program. 

When it’s time to make a change, use our “RFP Scorecard Checklist” to help you run an efficient RFP process, evaluate responses, and select the right partner.

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