Every once in a while, someone in the public eye gets caught in a lie about their credentials. Earlier this week, Manhattan College men’s basketball coach Steve Masiello lost a chance to become coach at South Florida after a background check revealed he had not actually graduated from Kentucky, as his resume had claimed.  Yahoo! Sports reported that Masiello is on leave while Manhattan College investigates this matter.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a few people who lie on their resume. Lying about qualifications is more common that we would like it to be. A Corporate Screening blog posted in 2010 shared information that many applicants were lying on their resumes, and it appears that people lying on their resumes won’t go away any time soon.

Employers, it’s important to verify the claims your candidate makes. A thorough background check helps protect you from hiring people who are unqualified, and can also deter employee theft and negligent hiring lawsuits. Corporate Screening can help by tailoring a background screening program to meet your organization’s needs.