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Background Screening

Jon Smith or John Smith: The Importance of Identity Verification

You rely on accurate background checks as an integral part of your hiring process. However, similarities in candidate names and addresses, or an incorrect social security number, can hinder identity verification efforts and negatively affect the quality of a background check. 

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Background Check Blog

What If a Great Potential Candidate Fails Their Background Check After a Job Offer?

Great candidates aren’t always easy to find. When you do find one, you want to take action—and fast. Once you’re ready to move forward, you extend an offer conditioned upon the completion of a background c...

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Is Your Immunization Tracking Program HIPAA Compliant?

Students participating in clinical rotation or residency programs in hospitals and health systems must provide immunization histories to meet student screening requirements. As a college or university, you...

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HR Budgeting: How to Plan for Background Check Costs

HR budgeting helps you commit organizational resources to a range of workforce activities. When you plan your spending for background check activities, you want to budget enough to effectively manage hirin...

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