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Identity Verification: The Misconception that Background Checks Confirm Identity

You use your identity to get credit, a driver’s license, and even a cell phone number. Identity is also an important part of hiring and background screening effectiveness. Confirming candidate identity at the start of the background check process paves the way to accurate background check results.


5 Things You Should Screen Your Top Healthcare Talent For

Thorough background screening is a critical component of any successful healthcare talent acquisition program. It helps recruiting professionals and hiring managers develop complete pictures of candidates, and it keeps the organization in compliance with federal and state regulations. Healthcare employees must not only abide by regulations that apply to all employers—for example, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)—but also those that apply specifically to healthcare, including regulations set by bodies such as Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission.

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Background Check Blog

How the 2020 Election Could Affect Employment and Hiring Processes

Presidential elections capture the attention of business leaders and decision makers just as they do the hearts and minds of individual voters. With a new or re-elected U.S. president comes new policy deci...

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Clinical Rotation Management: What to Include in a Healthcare Background Check

Students participating in clinical rotations must typically go through the same background screening process as full-time hires. Background checks not only protect the students who are visiting clinical si...

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How COVID-19 is Impacting Immunization Requirements in Healthcare Education

COVID-19 has changed the healthcare landscape for medical students in clinical and residency programs with new protocols for health and safety, including guidelines for COVID-19 testing. Read More

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