Our blog this week contains follow up information about the Manhattan College basketball coach we wrote about earlier this spring. We also discuss the varying state background check requirements for people hired to work as health insurance enrollment assistants.

Manhattan Basketball Coach Completes Coursework for Degree

Earlier this spring we blogged about Manhattan College men’s basketball coach Steve Masiello, who was turned down for a coaching job at the University of South Florida after a background check revealed he had not graduated from the University of Kentucky, as he had claimed on his resume. After the news broke, Manhattan College put Masiello on unpaid leave, but said he would be reinstated once he completed his degree.

The New York Daily News reports that a spokesperson from the University of Kentucky announced that Masiello had completed the required coursework for his undergraduate degree and is set to graduate in August.

Requirements for Health Exchange Background Checks Vary by State

Although the federal government did not require criminal background checks for people hired to work as health insurance enrollment assistants, each state has developed its own rules. Some, like Nevada, California and Delaware, have allowed people with criminal pasts to work in this position, whereas others such as Texas and Louisiana have denied licenses to anyone convicted of a felony, according to an article in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

States that have hired persons with criminal backgrounds are “taking a case-by-case approach to applicants with criminal records.” According to the article, Nevada officials say they have not received complaints about the misuse of customers’ personal information.

Proponents of legislation that requires licensing and background checks for persons in these positions believe that these measures will help protect consumers from identity theft.