When it comes to finding the Oracle-integrated solution that works best for your needs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options. As with any large-scale technology investment, it’s crucial to set the foundation for a successful implementation. That requires some homework. Here are a few tips for selecting the right Oracle partner.

Utilize the Solutions Catalog

With the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Solutions Catalog, you can explore the solution areas Oracle partners have to offer and discover opportunities to implement with Oracle’s industry-leading technologies.

The OPN Solutions Catalog is Oracle’s online partner directory that provides a complete view of all Oracle partner companies and their capabilities, including their solutions and services. In addition, the OPN Solutions Catalog contains other areas of a partner’s expertise, including Oracle Cloud, specializations and distribution rights. The OPN Solutions Catalog will allow you to find the most skilled partner or partner solution that meets your business needs.

Corporate Screening on the Oracle PartnerNetwork

Corporate Screening Oracle Applications

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is focused solely on Oracle Cloud applications and services and is another resource to explore when searching for an Oracle-integrated solution. The Cloud Marketplace includes app specs, data sheets and user reviews to add another layer of confidence to your decision making process.

Level-Up with an Oracle Gold Partner

The Oracle Gold Partners are providers that have been recognized as leading Oracle solutions. Due to their proven expertise and experience, they’re specifically recognized in the OPN.  Oracle partners also have access to Oracle technology, having the opportunity to develop solutions and bring them to market faster. As an Oracle Gold Partner, our solutions have already been tested and proven by Oracle to work properly. Prior to getting our applications certified, we have to go through rigorous testing with Oracle to assure the integration functions as intended.  Vendors not certified by Oracle are unable to guarantee the integration will function properly. That typically means the integration will take longer to complete and will likely incorporate work arounds. Working with an Oracle Gold Partner, like Corporate Screening, assures your background screening integration is implemented with confidence.  Learn more about our Oracle integration.