Human Resources professionals are well aware that when a hiring decision has been made, getting the candidate into place quickly is a top priority. Having to wait for background screening results is not part of the plan.

Here are three suggestions for how HR and hiring managers can help speed up background check turnaround time:

Gather All Name Changes

Applications should be complete, with all blanks filled in. If there are gaps on the application, encourage the candidate to fill them in.

Name changes are common, and ensuring that the candidate includes all of the names they have used will help your background screening provider verify information, such as a SSN trace report.

Ask For Specific Previous Employer Contact Details

Candidates should be urged to include as much information as possible about previous employers, including complete phone numbers and addresses. If the person worked at a branch or local office, it is very helpful to include the headquarters’ phone number and address in addition to the local contact information.

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Request Thorough Education Details

The same holds true for education. Providing as much detail as possible, including dates of graduation, name used while attending, as well as appropriate campus contact information will ensure that your background screening provider is able to verify the appropriate educational information.

If there's some information that's not available to you, your background check company should use their resources to ensure that the screening is complete and of the highest quality. However, the more thorough the information that's receive, the faster you'll be provided with the background screening results you need to make intelligent hiring decisions.


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