As you’re establishing a new business, your hands are probably full with all the activity that’s involved with getting it off the ground. But here’s another thing you should seriously consider: conducting a background check on the individuals who are part of your new venture. Not just your potential employees, but also the vendors with whom you work and other companies and individuals representing your company as part of your extended workforce.

Generally, most people who go into new businesses rely on referrals from friends and other business contacts when they need a vendor or other business partner. But think about it, how much do your friends or contacts really know about the people they are recommending? Many times it’s not that much. That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to do a background investigation.

Mitigating risk is another reason. Your vendors and extended workforce that represent your organization may introduce risk into your organization. Before committing your resources and money, ensure that who you’re working with has a solid reputation, is licensed and financially stable.

As a business owner, it is important that you control the background screening process. Remember, this is your new business. It’s your reputation on the line. Make sure the people you’re working with are who you want associated with your company.