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8 Ways to Create a Great Remote Candidate Experience

Given the global shift to remote work, it’s likely your organization may do more remote hiring than ever before. To successfully attract and engage candidates, you’ll need to take actions to provide them with an exceptional experience from the moment they learn about your organization to the end of the selection and screening process.

How to Maintain Background Check Compliance and Quality on a Tight HR Budget

In these challenging times, organizations facing change and uncertainty must reevaluate their spending, and the budget for background screening is no exception. As you move through the budget planning process, you may need to reconsider certain screening activities. You’ll also need to factor in anticipated staffing levels, changes in the types of positions you fill, and the efficiency of your screening provider’s processes. Though you may make some changes, you don’t want to compromise on compliance or quality.

Background Check Vendors: 5 Steps to Assuring a Positive Partnership

To get the most from your background screening activities, your background check vendor must meet your needs for compliance, accuracy, and efficiency. However, not all vendors have the same screening methods, and not all have the processes in place to help you achieve your most critical recruitment and talent management goals. 


Supporting Health Science Students’ Mental Health and Well-Being in Stressful Times

While the pandemic has left no industry untouched, the past year has set unprecedented levels of stress for health sciences. Adding to that, it’s no secret that there’s an increased need for more robust healthcare staffing. Thankfully, health science students are staying the course to fill the gaps of an understaffed workforce. However, while health science students are pursuing careers where they will support the health needs of others, they also need support for their own health needs, including their mental well-being. 

How Frequently Should You Audit Your Drug Testing Policy?

Your drug testing program helps you maintain a drug-free workplace and reduce accidents and injuries. But like other aspects of your background screening program, you need to periodically review the effectiveness of your program and take advantage of opportunities to make improvements.


VerifyStudents and Medicat: Your Tool for Managing Student Compliance with Immunization Requirements

Managing student compliance with immunization requirements requires modern technology to automate core processes and minimize errors. It also requires expert analysis to verify health and immunization information submitted by students. Thanks to the integration partnership of VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening and Medicat, you can achieve both with one platform.

Maintaining Employee Mental Health Through Difficult Times

Your employees’ mental well-being is essential to building a healthy and productive workforce. However, despite the importance of employee mental health, you won’t always know when it’s becoming a problem in the workplace. Unlike other illnesses, the signs of poor mental health aren’t always visible, and employees may not be quick to ask for help.

RFP Evaluation: How to Determine Your Best Background Check Partner

The request for proposal (RFP) evaluation process for background screening provides you with a deeper understanding of the product and service options offered by different providers. It tells you more than what appears on the company’s website, and it helps you look beyond what’s on the surface, so you can distinguish between multiple service providers.


Recruitment Marketing: Finding Good-Fit Candidates in a Slim Hiring Climate

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a plentiful supply of candidates due to high unemployment, and many organizations had an easier time finding talent. However, since then, organizations are beginning to hire again, and the market has become more competitive.

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Part II: How to Decide Which Criminal Background Checks Are Right for Your Organization

The complexities of criminal background checks can make it challenging to decide the right mix of services. After all, as we explain here, there are many types and each offers unique benefits. Furthermore, background screening companies approach criminal searches differently, making it critical to carefully review background screening providers and the services they offer.

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