Earlier this year, the state of Michigan proposed several amendments from the Michigan Supreme Court that will redact the Date of Birth (DOB) in court records effective January 1, 2022. The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), in conjunction with its members (including Corporate Screening) is urging any organization who is hiring current or former Michigan residents to sign the following petition: Keep Michigan Workplace Safe: We Support Complete, Accurate and Up to Date Background Checks. 

This petition outlines the problem, the impact on our industry, and suggests alternatives for the Michigan Court Administrative Office (SCAO) to implement. Please add the name of your organization to the petition to indicate support for our efforts in Michigan. 

Why This Matters

  • This ruling affects anyone in Michigan who has completed background checks on individuals who live or have ever lived in Michigan.
  • During an employment background check, access to a full DOB is often a minimum requirement needed to confirm a record is a match to a job candidate.
  • The Michigan State Court Administrator’s Office said courts would provide DOB verification on records if researchers provided a signed release form at the point of request. However, this option raises concerns for the screening industry as local public records researchers do not have access to these release forms.
  • A standard authorization to obtain a consumer report may not satisfy a requirement to obtain consent to the court release of DOB. This uncertainty adds complexity to the process, greatly increasing processing costs and turnaround time.


As the background screening industry and Corporate Screening continue to stand up for our clients and candidates, we appreciate your patience and participation in this urgent matter.