This fall, California voters will vote on a move to reduce prison crowding. Fox News reports that a measure called Prop 47 would “dramatically change how the state treats certain “nonserious, nonviolent” drug and property crimes, by downgrading them from felonies to misdemeanors.” It would also “allow those currently serving time for such offenses to apply for a reduced sentence, as long as they have no prior convictions for more serious crimes like murder, attempted murder or sexual offenses.”

The state’s prison overcrowding problem has been an issue for quite a while – in 2011, the Supreme Court instructed the state to reduce the population to 137.5 percent of capacity by 2013, a requirement the state has not yet been able to meet. According to estimates, Prop 47 would affect approximately 40,000 people per year, and would help reduce overcrowding.

Supporters say that passing the measure would mean that the justice system could concentrate on serious crimes, and it would save significant amounts of money, which would be spent on mental health and drug treatment programs, school programs and victim services.

Opponents include law enforcement members, who believe it would be dangerous.