Managing student compliance with immunization requirements requires modern technology to automate core processes and minimize errors. It also requires expert analysis to verify health and immunization information submitted by students. Thanks to the integration partnership of VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening and Medicat, you can achieve both with one platform.

The VerifyStudents and Medicat Integration: How It Works

VerifyStudents and Medicat One ICM combine to provide an integrated solution for collecting and verifying student health immunization data, helping you to tackle common immunization tracking challenges, such as:

  • Compliance with health information privacy requirements set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • A lack of tools to help you understand student compliance metrics in real-time
  • Errors and inconsistencies caused by using spreadsheets or paper tracking
  • Limited staff to verify the accuracy and legitimacy of student-submitted health records

More efficient immunization compliance management simplifies the exchange of health information for program staff and students.  At the heart of the integration is a flexible and customizable cloud-based application filled with user-friendly capabilities and rich features, including:

  • Easy, intuitive navigation
  • 24/7 anywhere access to student immunization data
  • Messaging tools to help you request and track student health information
  • Adaptable solutions to help you manage changing requirements and new health and wellness standards

The VerifyStudents and Medicat integration offers flexible configuration options, allowing you to realize the benefits of both software platforms without the need for multiple downloads or a remote desktop connection. Data in VerifyStudents seamlessly integrates with Medicat One ICM and vice versa. With the benefit of bidirectional immunization tracking between both platforms, your student health information is always up to date. Whether you have VerifyStudents or Medicat as your main platform, you can achieve the benefits of securely collecting, verifying, and storing student health information.

The VerifyStudents and Medicat partnership also provides access to entities in the Medicat partner ecosystem. A seamless interface with clinical partners and state health departments helps you cut down on manual data collection and entry, connecting you to the following systems and registries:

  • Clinical site rotation systems such as ACEMAPP, Trajecsys, and Typhon
  • Laboratory information systems
  • State immunization registries and state health departments

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Who Can Benefit From the VerifyStudents and Medicat Integration

Students, university health centers, and clinical sites all work together to meet health and immunization requirements, and each stakeholder group can realize benefits from the powerful combination of VerifyStudents and Medicat. Available system tools and capabilities support a range of users and help them meet their unique obligations throughout the immunization tracking process  Here are some of the ways the integration solution helps each group.


Instead of sending private health information over unsecured email, students can access one mobile-friendly, cloud-based portal for submitting immunization and health data, downloading helpful resources, and getting assistance from qualified health professionals. Students can also view all submitted documentation and track their status, so they always know where they stand in meeting all applicable requirements.

Colleges and universities 

Institutions of higher learning use VerifyStudents and Medicat to manage student health and immunization tracking across one or many campuses. The integrated platform makes it easy to communicate deadlines, send reminders to students, and provide information to help students meet immunization and testing requirements for clinical rotation and residency programs. The platform is also scalable, and it expands to help universities who need to track COVID-19 testing and contact tracing activities.

Clinical affiliates

Using an integrated compliance management system supports agreements with clinical site affiliates. The platform can be tailored to each hospital or clinical site’s unique requirements, helping you make sure the students joining clinical site rotational or residency programs have met the necessary immunization requirements. Accomplishing these important goals allows you to sustain positive relationships with each clinical site partner.

What to Expect from an Integrated Compliance Management Solution

There are many action steps required to collect, verify, and share student health and information data with clinical sites, and they add up to a considerable time commitment for busy health center staff. Without the necessary support, your immunization tracking program can be subject to delays, errors, and poor student compliance. 

With the integrated VerifyStudents and Medicat solution, you can overcome those challenges, automate workflows, and put more information into the hands of program staff and students. Here’s what you can expect from a truly dynamic immunization compliance management solution:

  • Real-time health record and immunization tracking: Store and exchange student health data in one database, accessible for all campus health centers. 
  • Integrations: Enjoy seamless integrations with select state immunization registries and clinical site programs. You can also gain access to other services offered by VerifyStudents, including student background screening and drug screening
  • Flexibility: Manage and track new tests and immunizations, for example, COVID-19 diagnostic testing, contact tracing, and vaccinations (when available).
  • Better regulatory compliance: HIPAA-compliant messaging and security protocols help you meet HIPAA and FERPA rules for data protection of sensitive health information
  • Student access and communication: Students use an online portal to upload medical history and immunization data, and they receive mobile text alerts for required follow-ups or outstanding documentation.
  • Reporting tools: Run reports, see historical trends in student compliance, and compile data to help you understand your program better.
  • Access to healthcare professionals: Trained medical staff improve accuracy by verifying student-submitted data and offering support for retests, boosters, and other follow-ups.

Jumpstart Your Immunization Compliance Program

With all the various individuals involved in obtaining, tracking, and verifying student health information, it can be challenging to manage the wealth of data in your program. Available solutions can help you advance the way you manage student compliance, so you can save time, support students, and meet varying clinical site requirements.

Powered by Medicat, Immunitrax by VerifyStudents allows you to streamline the collection and verification of student health and immunization information. With best-in-class compliance technology and expert analysis by trained healthcare professionals, you have the tools to automate compliance checks, notifications, and reporting. To learn more about how you can transform your student health and immunization tracking program and improve overall compliance, read Improving Immunization Compliance: A Guide for Your Clinical Programs.

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