Accuracy is the key in the background screening industry. Unfortunately, it appears as though a lot of background screening firms have overlooked this in their hurry to turn data around and reduce costs. But background screening companies need to take note that reporting information without verifying accuracy is not just good enough.

Accuracy of Background Checks

This morning the Today Show on NBC aired a segment concerning accuracy in background checks, and the innocent victims who lost out on jobs due to those inaccurate results. View the video in its entirety here.

At Corporate Screening, we routinely go that extra mile to ensure that the information we report is reliable and accurate. Sometimes doing this research this may take a while, and waiting may be frustrating to customers who want immediate results. We understand that frustration and empathize. But when we hear about cases such as the ones reported on the Today Show, it drives home the point that accuracy is the name of the background screening game.

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