Obtaining and tracking student health and immunization data is no small undertaking, and it’s not limited to making sure students meet campus immunization requirements. You also need to help health science professions students meet immunization requirements for participation in clinical rotation and residency programs, 

Given the volume of information submitted by students and the differences in clinical site requirements, you require more than manual tracking processes and spreadsheets to help you get all the information you need to achieve full student compliance. With integrated immunization management solutions, you can run an efficient compliance management program, reduce errors and delays, and save time for students and staff.

The Importance of Immunization Compliance Management 

Your health science professions students need to meet an array of health screening requirements before participating in clinical training, and they rely on the college health program to help them gather and submit the necessary forms and other documents. In addition to collecting student immunization histories, you may also need to obtain the following documents from students:

  • Health history forms
  • Proof of identity, such as a valid photo ID
  • Authorization form for clinical site background screening 
  • Any applicable immunization waivers
  • COVID-19 viral test results

Efficient immunization compliance management doesn’t just help you collect student health information. It also helps you meet the expectations of clinical site partners and fulfill your contractual obligations to deliver accurate and complete student immunization and health data. As one study highlighting the virtues of effective immunization tracking for nursing students noted, “When health care facilities welcome students for clinical experiences, they trust that nursing programs are vigilant with record management and clinical compliance.”

No matter which health science professions your students pursue, immunization compliance management is critical to preparing them for their ongoing professional training. Effective student immunization tracking also helps you avoid the outcomes of poor compliance, including: 

  • Delays in students’ on-time participation in clinical program training
  • Poor audit findings
  • The potential loss of contracts with clinical affiliates
  • Loss of confidence in program administrators’ effectiveness

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The Components of Immunization Tracking Technology

Given the sheer volume of student health data you need to collect from each student, it’s essential to have a system to help you keep track of the information you have and verify it for completeness. Immunization tracking technology allows you to stay on top of incoming data and manage communications with students, making it easier for them to meet clinical site requirements.

An immunization compliance management system provides complete end-to-end immunization tracking for your students, and it facilitates the delivery of complete and accurate student data to clinical sites. With the right system, you can satisfy the “three C’s” necessary for effective immunization program management: collection of student health data, communication with students, and compliance with clinical site requirements and applicable regulations.

Smart immunization tracking technology combined with expert analysis provides you with the following capabilities and functionality:

  • Real-time health record and immunization tracking: Store and exchange all student health and immunization data in one database.
  • Integrations: Integrate with state immigration registries and your student background screening and drug screening system, making it easier to meet other screening requirements set by clinical sites. 
  • Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) data security requirements: Store and share sensitive health information in compliance with HIPAA/FERPA rules for data protection.
  • Automatic alerts: Send alerts and reminders to students for outstanding items.
  • Anytime student access: Students use an online portal to upload medical history and immunization data. Students can also access tools for completing forms, scheduling appointments, and messaging with program administrators.
  • Program setup support: A template library with a customizable template builder allows you to tailor student communications in line with program parameters.
  • Reporting tools: Run reports, analyze student compliance, and compile data to help you understand your program and see historical trends.
  • Access to healthcare professionals: Trained medical staff support accuracy by verifying student-submitted data and offering support for retests, boosters, and other follow ups.
  • A high standard of data security: A college health EHR system with Type 2 SOC 2 certification provides best-in-class cloud-based data security.

How Technology Improves Immunization Tracking and Compliance

A lack of compliance with clinical site requirements can throw an entire immunization tracking program into disarray and lead to costly errors. But with effective immunization tracking technology, you can keep pace with clinical site requirements and provide students with a clear path to submitting their health and immunization documentation on time. 

Here are the ways you can benefit from using immunization tracking technology:

Save time

Immunization compliance technology automates existing processes, so you spend less time on repeatable actions such as answering routine questions, sending emails and reminders, and leaving voicemails. Instead of working off Excel spreadsheets or out-of-date legacy systems, you can use cloud-based immunization compliance technology to give program administrators and students access to data and reminders on any device. Real-time updates allow you to avoid delays and take quicker action on follow-up items.

Improve regulatory compliance

An immunization tracker with built-in security features allows you to meet HIPAA and FERPA data privacy obligations, keeping your program in good standing with clinical affiliates and audit requirements. With a more compliant tracking program, you can also avoid fines for regulatory non-compliance and reduce the risk of costly lawsuits.

Verify health and immunization records

With the help of skilled healthcare professionals, your immunization tracking system does more than help you collect student health data. It enables the verification of student-submitted data for completeness and adherence to clinical site requirements. Trained professionals who know what to look for in immunization histories can detect missing information or inconsistencies, and they can work directly with students to help them submit additional information when needed.

Increase program flexibility

Not all clinical sites have the same requirements, and owing to new illnesses such as COVID-19, testing and vaccination requirements are likely to change over time. Immunization compliance technology has built-in flexibility, so you can seamlessly update your program with new or changing clinical site requirements, for example, COVID-19 testing and vaccination information.

Improve the student experience

Immunization management technology gives students access to an easy-to-use portal for submitting immunization and health data and receiving reminders for outstanding items. When needed, they can also receive guidance from healthcare professionals for retesting and required boosters.

Medicat and Corporate Screening: A Powerful Combination

Dynamic immunization tracking technology gives you the tools to maintain campus health standards and guide health science students in meeting clinical site requirements. When you replace manual processes and tracking with an accessible and intuitive student health management system, you can achieve better compliance, improved efficiency, and peace of mind.

VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening and Medicat, the leader in college health EHR, have partnered to deliver timely analysis and responsive support for managing your student health and immunization data. Our integrated compliance management solutions allow you to manage student immunization and health data using one centralized platform. Student health information in VerifyStudents seamlessly integrates with Medicat One ICM, and vice versa, for bidirectional collection and verification of student health and immunization data. To learn about more ways your program can realize the benefits of immunization tracking technology, read our guide, Improving Immunization Compliance.

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