Employers, do you hire a company to provide cleaning services? How about contracting out for IT services? These are some common vendors employers bring into their workplace. Now ask yourself, what do you know about the employees working for the vendors you hire? Are they subject to the same background screening standards as your own employees? If you aren’t screening your vendors, you have no way of knowing.

In a recent example of why it’s so important to screen your vendors, during our required due diligence of a potential vendor we considered hiring to perform some sensitive work, CS discovered the company did not conduct an adequate screening of its employees. After conducting our own background check on that potential vendor, it turned out that one of their key people (who we would have granted unescorted access to our facilities and systems) had more than three criminal convictions for financial fraud and theft.

Your extended workforce may have access to sensitive information, may be in contact with your clients and customers, or represent your company in other ways. If they are not held to the same screening standards as your own employees, it can pose liability issues for your organization and leave you at risk.

Corporate Screening strongly recommends that employers screen their vendors to ensure that they are the type of people you want to work for and represent your organization. Background checks provide you the knowledge you need to stay in control of your business and manage denthe associated risks.