March 23, 2020

Corporate Screening Operations Update

To our valued customers, partners, vendors and associates (our friends):

Together, we are facing an unpredictable crisis that continues to perpetuate uncertainty. Our prayers and thoughts are here for all of you who have undoubtedly been affected by this crisis, especially those of you who are ill and for family and friends who have become ill as a result of COVID-19. We offer you our most ardent prayers and deepest heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. We remain here to serve and support all our partners in healthcare who are working, caring and sacrificing tirelessly to those who need care most. We thank you for your service.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Corporate Screening has now fully activated our business continuity plan in response to this crisis. Our entire company is now working remotely, as mandated by our ethics and by the direction of our government leaders. We are fortunate to have a business model, technological infrastructure and incredible staff in place to support this initiative.

Even with these drastic adjustments to our operating model, I am proud to say we are moving forward.

Looking ahead, you can continue to rely on Corporate Screening to provide the highest quality background screening products and services. You will see no interruptions, outside of products that may be delayed by the reporting source as a result of crisis-related restrictions from those sources. Our mission remains as strong as ever. We will continue to contribute to your success through dedication, conscious innovation and shared knowledge. We will continue to release additions and enhancements to our technology platform as well as new products and services, one of which will be released to the healthcare industry in the coming weeks. We will continue to be your partner.

Our team stands ready to assist you in any way we are able. Please contact us if there is anything you need.

On behalf of everyone here at Corporate Screening, we thank you and wish you the very best during these most difficult times.



Greg Dubecky




March 12, 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus Preparedness Plan

To our valued friends:

With the increasing news and concern regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, Corporate Screening Services, Inc. wants to ensure our customers that we are monitoring the developing situation and have resources in place to provide you with continued service in any type of contingency situation. Our disaster and business continuity plans are the backbone of this ability.

As a critical partner to your business, we also understand that limiting any impact this health event could have on our service to you is imperative. We are keenly focused on our preparedness efforts to maintain a safe work environment for our team and to sustain our essential business operations.

In the event this situation escalates to a point at which we need to activate our business continuity plan in full, please know that our plan is managed by a dedicated team of experts who are committed to keeping our operations running smoothly so we can continue to contribute to your success.

As such, our plan includes:

  • Utilizing our two primary business operation offices to provide flexibility and to allow for greater social distancing.
  • Enabling work-from-home capabilities in the event of quarantine. This tactic utilizes our secure cloud environment with state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity, all of which fall under our data security policy and procedures. 
  • Deploying a global strategy to coordinate delivery of services and support to our customers. 
  • Regularly updating our team and providing them with information and best practices to prevent the spread of any illness.
  • Coordinating global and local communications with our employees, customers, and partners.
  • Limiting business travel. For our employees’ safety and well-being, and in anticipation of your organization implementing its own guidelines, we are limiting travel—especially in the most affected regions—and asking our employees to evaluate planned visits to your sites. We will leverage virtual meeting technology where and when appropriate to continue collaborating with you. We are also requesting that most external visits and audits of customers and suppliers at our sites be postponed or redirected toward virtual meeting options.

We will continue to monitor this fluid situation and will shift workloads as necessary to ensure essential services remain operable. For decades, Corporate Screening has demonstrated unwavering support to our clients in emergency situations, and as we deal with the present circumstances, we will continue to make every effort to deliver uninterrupted essential service to all our customers.

We will continue to monitor the news and any reports or requirements from the WHO, CDC, and local, state, and federal governments. Our focus, dedication, and support are unwavering as we navigate these unique times. We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

For more detail on our efforts, please contact your Corporate Screening representative—we are here to help.




Greg Dubecky