Corporate Screening will begin accepting electronic fingerprinting appointments for applicants of current CS customers only, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.  We will no longer accept walk in business and will no longer offer the rolling of ink prints on cards.  Please review the following procedures, and share this information with your candidates upon scheduling an appointment.

Procedure to Schedule an Appointment

  1. Applicants will be instructed to call Corporate Screening at 440-816-0500 or 800-229-8606 to schedule an appointment. When they call the CS office, candidate should dial ext. 6 to connect to our customer support team.
  2. A customer support representative will coordinate and schedule an appointment with your candidate.
  3. Fingerprinting will be available at the Corporate Screening Commerce Ct. location only (16530 Commerce Ct., Middleburg Hts. OH).
  4. Once your candidate arrives, they will be instructed to enter our building at the main entrance and will be required to wear a face covering or they will not be permitted inside.


Procedure for Arriving for an Appointment

Please share the following guidelines with your fingerprinting candidates.

For the safety of our team and your candidates, we’ve taken extensive measures to exceed all CDC and Ohio Department of Health guidelines.


If your candidate has experienced the following, we will be unable to accept an appointment:

  • Cough, fever, sneeze, or any signs of respiratory illness
  • Traveled internationally or domestically to an area highly impacted by COVID—19 Coronavirus within the last 14 days
  • Been in close contact with someone else who meets the above criteria within the last 14 days


Once your candidate arrives:

  1. Candidate will be greeted by intercom system at our front entrance and will not be buzzed in until they confirm that they have read the posted COVID 19 notice and answered “no” to all the questions.
  2. After entry is granted to our lobby, applicants will be instructed to sign in and check a box on the sign-in form to acknowledge that they have answered NO to the COVID 19 questions.
  3. After the sign in sheet is complete, we will process the candidate’s fingerprints electronically.
  4. We will only allow one person in the building at a time to be fingerprinted.
  5. Only one person will be allowed into our building at a time and applicants must enter alone. Applicants will not be permitted to bring anyone with them.
  6. We will require the applicants to wear a mask once in our building and during the entire fingerprinting process.
  7. Public restroom facilities will not be able for candidate use.


Procedure for Sanitizing After Each Applicant Has Been Fingerprinted

For your safety, the immediate area surrounding the fingerprint location, including lobby chairs will be sanitized after each applicant has been processed.

On behalf of everyone at Corporate Screening, we are pleased to resume these services and look forward to seeing you.