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Stay Compliant with EASE

The new EASE background screening technology was built by you, for you. We’re addressing compliance with our new e-Disclosure and Authorization Service. Backed by the knowledge of our compliance experts, you can be sure we’re giving your candidates the most compliant and hassle-free experience.

Before any background screening activities can begin, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires employers to provide candidates a “clear and conspicuous” disclosure, informing them that a consumer report is being conducted for employment purposes. All candidates must receive and sign these FCRA-compliant Disclosure and Authorization forms.

Our new EASE technology enables customers to automatically send an Electronic Disclosure and Authorization directly to the candidate. With a click of a button, we’ll automatically send the candidate a secure message containing a login to our candidate bridge. Once logged in, the candidate can review and sign the documents digitally and securely.