Is your Background Screening Process Compliant with FCRA Requirements and State Regulations?

Read this fact sheet to learn about recent requirements regarding FCRA disclosure forms.


Employers face a number of challenges when it comes to conducting background checks. Are you confident your background check is thorough, accurate, clear, and concise—and it meets new Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements?

Use this “FCRA Disclosure and Authorization Compliance Fact Sheet” to pinpoint areas in need of adjustment on your disclosure and authorization forms. It’s essential to meet these regulations in your hiring process.  

In this fact sheet, you’ll learn:

  • How to remain compliant under the recent class-action decision regarding  FCRA disclosure and authorization forms
  • The crucial order in which information must be obtained from applicants, no matter what type of background check is being conducted or where you are located
  • How Corporate Screening technology can assist with FCRA requirements through electronic disclosure and authorization

Safety for your employees and customers is critical; verify form clarity and accuracy to keep your company secure.

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