Immunization Compliance Management Solutions

Streamline immunization verifications with flexible technology and expert analysis.

Eliminate manual tracking and personnel time by about 100+ hours a week.

Powered by Medicat, a leader in campus electronic medical records management, our immunization compliance solutions are flexible to your needs. The cloud-based VerifyStudents seamlessly integrates with Medicat One ICM for bidirectional information flow, saving time and money for your school and administrators.

Immunization compliance technology meets skilled expertise.

Add a layer of clinically focused analysis to your VerifyStudents/Medicat One ICM integration. ImmuniTrax™ offers timely analysis and responsive support from a team of licensed nurses and healthcare professionals who assure student-submitted information is valid and meets clinical site requirements.

Immunization compliance nurse

Administrators: Eliminate error-prone manual tasks.

Monitor student progress towards compliance from start to finish. With our secure, cloud-based portal, program administrators can view and manage all student forms and records in real time, as well as set deadlines and expiration dates.

Data in VerifyStudents seamlessly integrates with Medicat One ICM, and vice versa, for bidirectional immunization tracking, so information is always up to date. Add the power of human expertise with ImmuniTrax, which pairs powerful technology with clinically focused analysis from licensed healthcare professionals for an end-to-end solution that quickly and accurately verifies student records.

Monitor student immunization records

Maximize economies of scale.

Integrate your program's immunization compliance management with your organization's campus electronic medical records, eliminating redundancies across programs. VerifyStudents also integrates with clinical rotation management systems for seamless clinical management beyond immunization.

Immunization compliance management

Students: Know exactly where your records stand.

Download and submit forms, track the status of your forms and supporting documentation, and request online assistance, all from our mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform. All documentation you upload is stored in a secure system for tracking, review, and ongoing program management.

student immunization tracking
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E-Book Guide to Improving Immunization Compliance Management

With all the various individuals involved in obtaining, tracking, and verifying student health information, it can be challenging to manage the wealth of data in your program

See the key components of effective immunization tracking programs and how you can bring your program into full compliance.

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Guide to Improving Immunization Compliance Management

See the five key components of effective immunization tracking programs.

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