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HR Daily Advisor: When Background Screening Goes Astray, Employers Face Severe Penalties

Nowadays, most companies conduct background checks as a condition of employment for prospective hires. Background checks aren’t just a necessary part of the hiring process—they also help companies reduce hiring risks by identifying individuals with a criminal history and verifying education and employment history.


Business News Daily: Get Your Facts Straight: The Truth About Background Checks

From the cost of a background check to what is included in each check, there are a lot of misconceptions as to what actually goes into a background screening process. In a recent article published by Business News Daily, Matt Jaye, Corporate Screening's Vice President of Business Development, shares his thoughts on these common misunderstandings to offer clarity into background screening programs.

Corporate Screening Services, a Leader in Pre-Employment Screening Solutions, Unveils New Brand Direction

CLEVELAND, Jan. 21, 2020 -- Corporate Screening Services, Inc., an award-winning background check provider, reveals updated brand identity and website showcasing the synergy between tech and uncompromising human effort in which the company was founded over 30 years ago.

Chief Executive: Federal Hiring Issues Highlight Importance of Comprehensive Background Screening

Recent news reports have uncovered the actions of a deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. State Department who is accused of embellishing her educational and work credentials. She even promoted herself on a fake cover of Time magazine and used it to back up her inflated background and experience. It was only when she began the vetting process for a promotion to a more senior post in the State Department that the inaccuracies came to light.

Our New Brand: An Expression of Your Experience, A Reflection of Who We Are

If you’ve been here before, you may notice a few changes. 

HR Technologist: Boosting Background Screening Effectiveness

Effective background screening provides companies with the comfort of verifying candidate educational background, work experience, and any possible criminal history. When it comes to conducting background checks, there are key actions companies can take to ensure the process is efficient, thorough, and effectively supports company hiring efforts.

HR Daily Advisor: Pitfalls of the Incomplete Background Check

Background checks come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the industry and type of position. However, conducting a thorough background check takes more than simply selecting an off-the-shelf background screening solution. HR professionals need to be aware of the pitfalls of an incomplete background check, both for the integrity of the hiring process and to reduce risk to the company in the long and short term.

Corporate Screening Successfully Completes 3-Year Interim Surveillance Audit

Corporate Screening is pleased to announce the successful completion its 3-year interim surveillance audit, a requirement of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP).  This audit validates Corporate Screening’s commitment to deliver the highest level of service in the background screening industry.

Corporate Screening Launches First-of-its-Kind Oracle Recruiting Cloud Integration 

Corporate Screening is pleased to announce the availability of a pre-integrated solution with the new Oracle Recruiting Cloud. A new recruiting solution delivered natively as part of the Oracle HCM Cloud suite, Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) gives organizations the tools to create personalized and mobile experiences for every user.  Corporate Screening’s first-of-its-kind integration enhances the ORC by offering background screening solutions natively within the platform. 

On the Road: Where to See Us in September

This month, Corporate Screening is proud to be a part of several events across the country. If you’re planning to attend one of the following events, we'd love to hear more about your background screening challenges - and see how we can help. Be sure to find us at the following events:

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