Safe Harbor certification

Corporate Screening Services, Inc. (CS) has re-certified compliance with the US – EU Safe Harbor framework from the United States Department of Commerce. This means CS’s international background screening services are in compliance with the data protection principles set forth by the European Union.

In October 1998, the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection became effective. explains that it prohibits “the transfer of personal data to non-European Union countries that do not meet the European Union (EU) “adequacy” standard for privacy protection. While the United States and the EU share the goal of enhancing privacy protection for their citizens, the United States takes a different approach to privacy from that taken by the EU.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission developed the Safe Harbor framework to allow for the safe transfer of personal data from EU countries to the United States. Safe Harbor bridges the gap between the different approaches to privacy adopted by the European Union and the United States.

Corporate Screening was first certified in 2007, and has recertified annually in order to continue to provide global services to our clients. It allows us to access background information about European job candidates, meeting the needs of customers employing international talent.

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