Corporate Screening is pleased to announce new features and enhancements that make paperless drug screening even easier! A first- of-its kind integration with Apple Passbook for iPhone, Google Wallet and additional mobile wallet providers has resulted in an even more user-friendly experience for candidates, as well as efficiency gains for employers and program administrators.

Now when a drug screen is ordered, the drug test form can be deposited in the virtual wallet on the candidate’s phone – in the same way as a boarding pass, event ticket or coupon. The mobile pass displays the address, phone number and hours of operation of the collection site (where the sample will be taken to be tested). In addition, it automatically integrates with the phone’s features, such as calendar and location services for map or route planner to generate automatic reminders and the auto-loading of the test form on the lock screen as the candidate nears the collection site.

Noteworthy features of the mobile pass include built-in reminders at 24 and 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, as well as pass updates that show as completed or expired once the collection has occurred or the deadline for the collection has passed. In addition, the mobile pass is fully integrated with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, the nation’s largest collection networks.

Employers and program administrators can expect to see significant gains in efficiency with this integration. The new features are designed to reduce the number of missed appointments, and candidates will be less likely to forget to bring the form to the collection site, which would otherwise result in the test being rescheduled.

Candidates will appreciate the faster process at collection sites, as a result of the integration. Using the mobile pass, the candidate’s registration number can be scanned or typed directly from the phone, rather than being read from a piece of paper. Scanning the number also reduces the risk of error through the manual input of data.

The new features will be available on May, 14, 2015. If you have questions or want more information about paperless drug testing contact Corporate Screening at 800-229-8606 or email us at