Offers Higher Education Institutions the Option to Integrate Student Screening & Compliance Services with Clinical Management & Tracking

Middleburg Heights, OH (June 1, 2017) Corporate Screening Services, Inc. (CS), a leading provider of pre-employment and student background screening services, is pleased to announce its partnership with Typhon Group, the trusted leader in student tracking systems for nursing and health education. The partnership integrates CS’s VerifyStudents screening and compliance products directly into Typhon Group’s student tracking software to create a single source to view student background checks, drug screenings, and immunization tracking results.

“We’re excited to share the news of our partnership with Typhon Group, an organization that works with over 1,000 health programs nationwide, with our higher education customers,” said Matt Jaye, Vice-President of Sales at Corporate Screening. “The partnership provides them with additional options and flexibility with their student background screening programs.”

Typhon Group offers web-based software for nursing and health education programs to manage their student tracking. The fully-customizable software provides comprehensive patient encounter logs and reports, a customizable evaluation component for assessments, automated preference-based student scheduling, curriculum mapping, student portfolios, biographic databases, a clinical site database, and secure document management.

VerifyStudents by Corporate Screening is a fully integrated web-based solution that provides reliable and secure student background checks, immunization tracking, and paperless self-scheduled drug screening. Adding these features to Typhon Group’s solution makes it even easier for everyone involved to determine a student’s progress in meeting clinical requirements.

”Our partnership is a win-win for our clients,” said Aviva Bowman, Business Development Executive at Typhon Group. “These are the features they’ve been asking for – integrated background checks, drug screenings, and immunization tracking tied to their existing accounts.”

“Corporate Screening is proud to include the integration with Typhon Group into our suite of partnership integrations, providing our clients the opportunity to integrate their background programs with student tracking experts that can best meet their unique needs,” added Jaye. “The integrations are designed to provide our higher education clients with the opportunity to better streamline their programs and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative processes. Together, Typhon Group and Corporate Screening look forward to providing schools, clinical sites, students, and administrators with an exceptional experience, with providers they can trust.”

About Typhon Group

Founded in 1995, Typhon Group Student Tracking Systems are used by over 1,000 nursing and health education programs. The web-based software includes comprehensive patient encounter logs and reports with ICD/CPT coding, a fully-featured evaluation component for assessments, curriculum mapping, automated preference-based student scheduling, student electronic portfolios, student and preceptor biographic databases, a clinical site database, and much more. Visit for more information.
About Corporate Screening

Corporate Screening ( is a Cleveland-based provider of pre-employment screening and student background check investigations for many of the nation’s top employers and schools. As a leading consultant to human resources, corporate security professionals, and program managers, Corporate Screening combines state-of-the-art data gathering technology with in-depth examination and analysis to verify information and mitigate the risks associated with hiring employees and students. Corporate Screening’s professional staff of analysts and consultants serves the needs of hiring professionals representing a full spectrum of industries, with special emphasis on healthcare, education, financial services and manufacturing sectors.