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Training Magazine: How 360-Degree Candidate Screening Supports Employee Development

Organizations today seek to hire high-quality talent—not just for the immediate skills and knowledge candidates bring to a position but also for the potential value they can add over time. But to make the right hiring decisions, it’s necessary to learn more about candidates than the professional image they portray in an interview.


Introducing CS SafeGuard: Real-Time Exclusion and Sanctions Monitoring

CLEVELAND, OH – June 9, 2020 – Corporate Screening Services, Inc., a leader in healthcare pre-employment background screening, is pleased to announce the release of CS SafeGuard, a real-time product developed with the healthcare industry in mind.

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Supply Chain Management: The Risks of Reactive Sourcing and Procurement

Your supply chain management activities determine your ability to obtain the products and services you need for successful business operations, but true success in supply chain management is about more than stocking shelves with inventor...

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The Pros and Cons of a Fast Background Check

When you’re working actively to recruit for a busy healthcare organization, you need to fill positions quickly. Whether you’re replacing retiring nurses or you need to add new staff to meet higher demand due to the latest COVID-19 varian...

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Identifying Holes in Your Procurement Management Strategy

Having a sustainable procurement model not only helps you build a reliable supply of the products your organization needs, but it can also support robust performance and efficiency. However, due to the pandemic and the supply chain short...

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