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Fast Company: The Biden Administration's Impact on the World of Work

With the Democrats in control of the White House and Congress, all eyes are fixed on how the Biden administration will impact the world—and the world of work. It won’t happen overnight, but greater regulatory oversight and enforcement are coming with the Biden administration.


McKnight's: Good Practices Keep Out ‘Bad Actors’

COVID-19 has affected long-term care facilities in more ways than one. With stretched resources and increased staff turnover, it’s crucial that providers carefully screen new hires to weed out possible 'bad actors'. 

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Michigan to Redact Date of Birth Information from Court Records

The state of Michigan has Read More

The Consequences of a Poor Immunization Tracking Process

Your student immunization tracking process should help students meet the requirements for participation in clinical rotational programs. However, if your process doesn’t have the mechanisms to help you ver...

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Employment and Hiring Trends to Expect Under the New President

A new U.S. president often marks a shift in the focus of government policy. New laws and executive actions signal what the world can expect from the government in the next four years. And when there is a c...

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