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Recruiter Today: Should Employers Still Be Testing for Marijuana Use?

For many employers, drug screening has been a critical component in hiring and talent management. However, as more states legalize the use of marijuana, the once clear cut lines of marijuana testing are now blurred. Should your company update its policies? In this article in Recruiter Today, Kevin Neudecker discusses how to determine if your drug screening practices need revisions. 

HR Daily Advisor: When Background Screening Goes Astray, Employers Face Severe Penalties

Nowadays, most companies conduct background checks as a condition of employment for prospective hires. Background checks aren’t just a necessary part of the hiring process—they also help companies reduce hiring risks by identifying individuals with a criminal history and verifying education and employment history.


Business News Daily: Get Your Facts Straight: The Truth About Background Checks

From the cost of a background check to what is included in each check, there are a lot of misconceptions as to what actually goes into a background screening process. In a recent article published by Business News Daily, Matt Jaye, Corporate Screening's Vice President of Business Development, shares his thoughts on these common misunderstandings to offer clarity into background screening programs.

Corporate Screening Services, a Leader in Pre-Employment Screening Solutions, Unveils New Brand Direction

CLEVELAND, Jan. 21, 2020 -- Corporate Screening Services, Inc., an award-winning background check provider, reveals updated brand identity and website showcasing the synergy between tech and uncompromising human effort in which the company was founded over 30 years ago.

Chief Executive: Federal Hiring Issues Highlight Importance of Comprehensive Background Screening

Recent news reports have uncovered the actions of a deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. State Department who is accused of embellishing her educational and work credentials. She even promoted herself on a fake cover of Time magazine and used it to back up her inflated background and experience. It was only when she began the vetting process for a promotion to a more senior post in the State Department that the inaccuracies came to light.

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10 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Work with Corporate Screening for Background Checks

Background checks are critical to the hiring process for any industry, because they help organizations manage hiring risk and build a safer workplace. In the healthcare industry, where employees care for i...

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What Is Self-Sovereign Identity Verification and How Is It Changing Background Screening?

Modern technology has transformed background screening from a manual, time-consuming process to one offering actionable background data to support hiring and talent management decision-making. As new, more...

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The Value of a Mobile-Friendly Student Background Screening and Immunization Compliance Solution

In our interconnected world, smartphones have become invaluable in just about every facet of life. For students in particular, mobile technology is a kind of lifeline. 

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